Parent input

Rainbow Corner welcomes all parents into the setting and would love to hear from you if you would like to share a skill or talent during an activity with the children, this could be an occupation, art & craft project, musical talent or a language skill and we are sure you can think of many more so we are always open to suggestions, please talk to your key person or the office.

Liaison with your key person

We promote an information sharing relationship with your key person, who is always happy to discuss your child's daily needs and development with you, however, if you would like a more formal chat with them at any time they will be more than happy to book an appointment to allow concentration and attention away from the children. Your key person also keeps your child's development records, which are available for you to see at anytime you choose; we also value parental input into these records. From the development records and discussion with you, your key person will encourage the next focus for your child in nursery and we encourage parents to assist with these focuses at home as well.


Rainbow's fundraising team is a group of parents who help to coordinate events that raise essential funds for the nursery.

We do this because:
- It helps provide extra toys, games and outings for the nursery that wouldn't otherwise be possible.
- It helps with bigger projects such as creating an outdoor play area for the under 2s.
- It helps us keep our charity status (which in turn saves each family several hundred pounds a year because of the rebates and discounts we get from being a charity).

We are an informal group meeting around once a month, but we try to keep meetings short and sweet and make sure we have lots of fun along the way; it is a really great way to get involved and get to know other parents.

New members of the group are always very welcome. No previous experience or expertise required, just enthusiasm! If you would like to join, or just come along and find out what it's all about, then please do get in touch.

If you don't fancy that, there are still lots of things you can do to help with fundraising from coming along to events to making a cake. Please let the office know if you might be willing to help.

If you would like more information on either our fundraising or management committee or would be interested in joining please talk to Debbie in the office.

Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

Exciting times ahead for you and your child

Parents can find more about the EYFS framework by asking one of our dedicated staff about how they deliver the framework within our nursery, reading the EYFS Framework Guide (PDF format), or by visiting

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