Rainbow has a healthy eating policy and provides the children with two balanced meals and two healthy snack times during the day. All meals are cooked on premises by our own resident cook and provide the children with healthy, balanced and fun foods which include a varied vegetarian option.

    Drinks including milk, water and juice are available at meal times and water is available throughout the day for all children. We do ask parents with babies to provide their own made up bottles of milk to stop cross infection of sterilized bottles. Most dietary needs can be catered for.

    Meal and snack times are:

    9.30 am is toast and milk time
    12 noon is a two course cooked meal
    3 pm is fruit and juice break
    4.30 pm is a two course teatime

Mon Fish fingers, mashed potato  and vegetables   Fruit crumble Croissants with cheese cubes & apple   Dried fruit with ginger bread shapes
Tue Turkey & leek pie with boiled potatoes and vegetables Cheesy leek and vegetable pie Mousse Cheese & avocado sandwiches & savoury popcorn    Crispy cakes with dried fruit
Wed Shepherds pie (lamb) and vegetables Veggie shepherds pie Banana upside down pudding Home-made soup bread and butter   Yoghurt
Thur Roast chicken, roast mini potatoes and vegetables Herb roast tofu Yoghurt and fresh fruit Tuna & sweetcorn sandwiches & snacks   Homemade mousse
Fri Creamy cheese & bacon tagatelli with vegetables No bacon French pear tart with custard/cream Spaghetti shapes and toasted muffins   Milk jelly
Week Two ***********   ********** ***********   **********
Mon Cauilflower/broccoli Cheese with crispy bacon and garlic bread No bacon Jam roly poly and custard Welsh eggs with veg  sticks & yoghurt dip   Yoghurt and raisins
Tue Sweet and sour pork, vegetable fritters and noodles Veggie sweet and sour Home-made cheesecake Chicken  sandwiches or wraps and grapes Salad wraps Flapjack and fruit
Wed Chicken fricassee  mashed potato & vegetables Cheesey vegetable fricassee Fruit fool & sponge fingers Bacon and cheese muffins & veg sticks Cheese & herb muffins Warm banana custard
Thur Fish pie with mashed potatoes & vegetables   Fresh fruit salad & biscuits  Sausage roll, houmous and salad sticks Quorn sausages Rice pudding
Fri Sausage burger, chips and vegetables Homemade veggie fritters Yoghurt Ham, pitta bread with salad sticks Veggie pate, pitta bread Mousse
Week Three ************   ********** ***********   *********
Mon Lamb burgers, potato wedges  and baked beans Homemade veggie Burgers Rice pudding with jam Honey double deckers and banana chips   Homemade Fruit fool
Tue Salmon fishcakes, potato dauphinois & vegetables   Sponge pudding with chocolate sauce Cheese and pineapple sandwiches and veg sticks   Yoghurt
Wed Chicken Kotgori with rice and vegetables Vegetable Kotgori Yoghurt Hotdogs with homemade tomato sauce Quorn sauages Lemon tart
Thur Vegetable and cheese plat, sweet potato mash, vegetables   Orange milk jelly Scrambled egg and crumpets   Fresh fruit salad
Fri Turkey lasagne, salad and French bread Aubergine & mushroom lasagne Banana custard Muffin pizza salad sticks   Ice cream and toppings
Week Four ***********   ********** ***********   ***********
Mon Sausage and bean hash with vegetables Quorn sausages Apple Amber and natural yoghurt Mini ploughman's with pickle   Hot chocolate drink and cookies
Tue Vegetable Korma, rice and poppadoms   Yoghurt Ham and pineapple pizza & salad sticks Pineapple pizza Croissants and banana
Wed Homemade fish balls, chips and vegetables   Scotch pancakes with fruit fool Cheese scones and  raisins   Homemade Chocolate mousse
Thur Lamb meat balls, grated vegetables and spaghetti Homemade veggie balls Trifle Homemade mushroom Soup & French bread.   Yoghurt
Fri Turkey & vegetable stir fry and noodles Vegetable stir fry Lemon meringue pie Beans on toast with grated cheese   Fresh fruit & popcorn
Week Five ***********   *********** ************   ***********
Mon Chicken casserole, Cous cous  vegetables & (pastry shapes) Bean casserole Yoghurt Salmon puffs, cucumber  & yoghurt dip   Fresh Fruit  and ginger cake
Tue Macaroni cheese with vegetables   Cinnamon toast with banana & maple syrup Chicken  & vegetable kebabs   Veggie fingers Mousse
Wed Chicken fried rice, vegetables, prawn crackers Tofu fried rice Fresh fruit sponge with cream Warm mushroom quiche & salad   Fresh fruit  and chocolate buttons
Thur Cheese and potato pie with gammon and vegetables Quorn cutlets Fresh fruit salad Sausage, beans and bread and butter   Banana muffins
Fri Savoury mince, boiled potatoes & vegetables Savoury veggie mince Chocolate bread and butter pudding Toasted ham and cheese fingers Toasted cheese fingers Yoghurt

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